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Life & Disability Insurance

These benefits are important components in managing unexpected financial risks to long-term financial stability. Offering both Commercial and Personal Life & Long Term and Disability options as well as Group Medical helps us help you make the most strategic investments in those arenas. We are here to help create the most streamlined solutions — give us a call and we can begin crafting the best package for your needs today!

Life & Long Term Care

The most important thing to know about life and long-term insurance is that they are considered to be the biggest investment that can be made to secure your loved ones’ future in the case of catastrophic and unexpected life events.

And though it is a very complicated field, with a myriad of products and options to consider, the next most important thing to know about life and long-term care policies is that we are here to help you navigate all of the options every step of the way.

In addition to considering types of policies such as Key Man and Buy/Sell on the Commercial side and the combination of Life and Long Term Care on the Personal side, we will review all available coverage and any other policies within your portfolio to secure the best possible policy set for your specific circumstances.

Call us today! We’ll happily schedule a consultation time to review your specific needs and provide a quote.


This benefit covers a portion of your income in the event of a disability and can be either short or long term in duration. The term Disability Insurance sometimes causes confusion, as this type of policy covers illnesses like heart disease and arthritis in addition to more catastrophic injuries like a car accident or a stroke.

As a key financial protection for the vital ability to work and earn a living, anyone who relies on a paycheck can and should consider coverage in this arena. Similar to Life and Long Term Care Insurance, Disability policies such as Key Man and Buy/Sell are offered on the Commercial side and on the Personal side may also be offered as part of a benefits package from an employer. Also similarly, a portfolio review of your entire asset strategy is useful in determining the best policy and coverage.

We are experts in navigating the intimate questions and answers required to obtain a policy and in strategizing the optimum policy for your unique situation. Call us today and we’ll be pleased to calendar a consultation session and provide you with a quote!

Individual & Group Medical

Providing a quality Health Insurance Plan is a smart way to both attract new employees and retain the existing employees in whom you have already invested time and training. The Health Insurance marketplace offers a dizzying array of options and plans, and we are well versed in maneuvering through the offerings and solidifying the very best coverage available.

We are happy to partner with Sanelli Insurance Group, who has been supporting individuals, local companies and Medicare beneficiaries with their healthcare needs since 2010. In an industry that’s always changing, Anthony Sanelli and Sue Mickelson at Sanelli Insurance Group take pride in staying up-to-date to deliver you solutions for today and a plan for tomorrow.

To go over your existing coverage and needs, compare what’s available and work up a strategy to provide you with the best quote for your review, please click through to the Sanelli Insurance Group website or ring them directly at 206.930.1000.

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