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Personal Insurance

Peace of mind and protection from unforeseen expenses for you and your family are a priority for us. We’re here and ready to create the best Goldilocks policy bundle possible — a ‘just right’ safety net to help see you through the storms that come with life, be they large or small. We will personalize a solution just for you, so take a look at what we offer and give us a call today. We’ll get you covered in no time at all!


Protecting your home and possessions from the unexpected is an important extra layer of security. Our policies cover property damage to your home, belongings and additional structures from storms, fire and theft with additional add-on options for expanded coverage as needed (be sure to ask us about Difference in Conditions, Earthquake and Flood options!). We’ll write a policy to cover all the risks to your most valuable investment.


Great auto insurance packages include a mix of Liability, Collision and Comprehensive coverages to protect from accident, fire or theft. We even cover collectible cars! Just ask us and we’ll tell you all about it. And, because we provide coverage in all states, we’re pros at ensuring that you have the coverage that’s right for your vehicle, wherever you are.


When renting, the building owner’s insurance covers everything from the walls of your unit out. A Renter’s policy covers ‘walls in’, and insures your interior space and belongings. Coverage is provided for Personal Property, Personal Liability and loss from theft or damages. We’ll make sure you have the best protection with the right mix of coverage for all of your most valuable possessions.


Additional coverage is sometimes necessary to secure your most important assets and assure your financial future. Umbrella policies add an extra layer of protection by taking effect once other policies have reached their maximum payout. We can help write the smartest policy for the ultimate backup for you and your family in times of need.

Rental Property

Specific to property rented for any duration, including vacation properties, Rental Property Insurance provides protection specifically to the dwelling, other structures and property used to service the rental from Property Damage, Loss of Income and Liability. We can design a policy that’s unique to your rental unit or units with just the right mix of coverage.


Multiple options can be combined for the smartest policy bundle, including Navigational Area, Liability, Medical Payments, Physical Damage, Personal Effects and Emergency Assistance coverages. Our goal is to create the perfect package, unique to your craft.


We’re not kidding here, and if you’re like most of us you absolutely have a trailer, snowmobile, side-by-side, quad, three-wheeler, jetski, golf cart setup. Maybe you have them all! No matter how many of each you own, we can write a policy to protect them from any bad thing that might happen.


Coverage packages for motorcycles, scooters, Harleys, ATVs and everything in between. Policies can include Liability, Roadside Assistance, Custom Parts & Equipment and Medical Expenses. If it’s on two wheels, we’ll customize a policy just for you!


Most homeowner’s policies don’t cover land movement incidents, but we offer specialty policies and endorsements for that coverage gap. Although it isn’t mandatory, it can be an important part of the protection portfolio for your home and possessions. We’ll review your specific situation and help guide you through to the best coverage.


Homes can be at risk for flooding from bodies of water and major rain events, and in some instances and areas may be required by FEMA. Coverage is available for both property and contents and we are pros at determining your needs and best policy in each unique situation.

Course of Construction

Also known as Builder’s Risk insurance, this is an essential piece in the successful completion of construction projects. This coverage helps protect buildings in-process from property damage due to fire, lightning, hail, explosions, theft and vandalism during construction.

Difference In Conditions (DIC)

Designed to fill gaps in other insurance products in both Personal and Business insurance, DIC policies are flexible and provide expanded coverage against all risks of loss. We’ll help create the best companion coverage in conjunction with your other policies to mitigate any catastrophic or severe losses that may arise.

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